Building Rental Questions

Q: Do I have to make a reservation to view the building?

A: Yes, request a viewing by emailing [email protected]

Q: Do you rent any other days besides Saturday and Sunday?

A: Rentals for private events are only Saturdays and Sundays. Community groups and local organizations may contact us to hold their open meetings during weekdays.

Q: Is your building only available until 8 p.m.?

A: Yes, we are located in a residential neighborhood and need to be considerate of the neighbors.

Q: How many tables/chairs are available?

A: There are about 80 chairs available. (8) 60 inch round tables, (6) 8 foot rectangle tables and (2) 6 foot rectangle tables.

Q: How many people does your building accommodate?

A: For safety reasons you may not have more than 74 guests.

Q: Does it have room for dancing?

A: If all tables are set up there is not a lot of empty space available.

Q: Are tablecloths provided for the round tables and the buffet table area?

A: Tablecloths are not provided, they are the renter’s responsibility.

Q: Do you have off-street parking?

There is a single driveway leading to the entrance which can hold up to 3 cars off-street. The rest of your guests will need to park on local streets, being careful not to block neighbors’ driveways, or double park.

Q: Do you have outdoor electricity / lighting?

A: There is lighting for the driveway and back area, but no outside outlets.

Q: What about trash cans and recycling? Are those there or do we need to bring?

A: We have (3) 33 gallon trash cans and supply liners for them. We do not have anything specifically for recycling, so you may want to bring something for that. You may leave 4 bags of trash in the bin behind the building, but the rest must be taken with you.

Q: What are your decorating policies? What are the limitations?

Your lease prohibits tape on or tacks into the ceilings.

Q: What other set-up / clean-up / break down is our responsibility?

A: Renters are responsible for all setup and cleanup.  You are asked to leave the building in the same condition you found it in. Please stack the tables and chairs, and broom clean the floor. If there happens to be a spill , mops and buckets are available in the utility room.

Q: Can we have a DJ, band or amplified music?

A: Having a DJ is fine. If they are playing loud songs please make sure the entrance doors stay closed to keep the noise levels down outside the building.

Q: I am interested in renting your building but the date I am interested in has “Resident Only” beside it.  If none of your residents book a date that is reserved for “resident only”, will that date be available for non-residents to reserve? 

A: If no Harford Park resident members reserve a weekend it will become available to the general public no earlier than six months prior to that date.

Q: Are you able to bring your own food, alcohol, drinks?

A: Yes, you must bring your own food and drinks. There is a commercial refrigerator and a full size freezer for your use.

Thank you to Vicki Pitman and Bob Stadnik for helping to create this initial set of questions.