Herring Run Relief Sewer Project

This Baltimore County Department of Public Works project involves construction of approximately 11,000 feet of a relief sewer along Herring Run from the City Line to Aiken Avenue, construction of 58 manholes and 900 feet of tunnel under Perring Parkway. This project is necessary to eliminate pollution that is entering the Herring Run and alleviate sewer backups impacting homes in Harford Park. Work includes clearing and grubbing vegetation, relocation of 200 feet of water main, traffic control, trench excavation, trench repair within Oakleigh Road, Darlington Drive, Queen Anne Drive and Taylor Avenue, and landscaping and tree planting at the completion of the project. Currently, DPW is preparing tunnel crossings under Perring Parkway and at Taylor Avenue.

HPCA is in contact with DPW regarding this project and will continue to provide updates. Dave Bayer from DPW is available to answer questions and can be reached at 410-887-3781.